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[05 Jan 2006|10:47pm]

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[26 Nov 2004|12:42pm]

i've never posted to art share before, but i've recently started writing poems again. out of like the seven or so i've writen this is the only one i like enough to share with other people until i get better, or find something better to write about.

i do not like
being left alone at night
smothered by silence
sofocated by the dark
covered in tanted dollar bills
your sweet voice haunts me still
i dont know what it is i want
or what i even feel
so tired of artificial life
i am not genuine
contrary to my attempts
i want your thought
you sweet contemplation
of death and its surroundings
what is it i surrender to
moods fly and come back down
to shower your unpainted face
rain drops fly and never fall
the thunder welcomes my tears
i do not know what it is i want
nor do i want to know
what it is i fear

if that sounded depressing, i really wasnt when i wrote it, but more like confused.


[27 Sep 2004|07:06pm]

on the roof while i was listening to Radiohead-BulletproofCollapse )

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[01 Sep 2004|06:49pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]


i'm new and i thought i'd offer one of my poems for comments. and those comments would be greatly appriciated!

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[22 Aug 2004|03:05pm]


hes my new best friend.


[16 Aug 2004|08:59pm]

joke much?

so my mom is pretty much my favorite person ever.
she painted my dad into the background of this george bush picture they sent us in the mail.
the painting looks more like him than he even does.
&you could even see better if photobucket didn;t resize big pictures and suck penis all day.

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just some stuff [13 Aug 2004|03:35pm]

[ mood | odd ]

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my inspiration book [02 Aug 2004|11:53pm]

[ mood | empty ]

here we go.

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let's have a good time. [31 Jul 2004|03:34pm]

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